Music means a lot to us. From the first time we picked up our instruments, we knew it would be a lifelong affair. People always want to know, “what style of music do you play?” The answer to that question is, “Whatever the hell pops into our heads at the time!” Between the 3 of us, out musical influences span a huge range of artists from Pop to Metal, Classical to Rock, Jazz and RnB and a hint of country. This makes for an extremely diverse taste when it comes to the writing styles of Centerstone. Fresh out of the box with just a few releases such as “Show Em” and “Poison Kiss”, but a ton of more material to come in the short future. We look forward to being on your playlist and love the art of making music!


Centerstone is:

Frank recording

Francesco Roti – Lead Vocal/Gtr/Piano

Tony Rock

Tony RockĀ – Drums/Vocals