“Crashing” is officially here!

After many hours and months of an album production, “Crashing” is now available on iTunes! Click the banner to get your copy today.

New album “Crashing” – June 1st

After many many months of working on our latest album, we finally have something to show for it. “Crashing” will be released June 1st and we couldn’t be happier. This is a pretty epic story of a relationship and all the crazy shit that comes with it. We will have a preview up for a limited time before releasing it for sale. Stay tuned!


Have A Lil Faith – Rough Cut

Like us on Facebook to hear a rough cut of the upcoming release “Have A Lil Faith”

Show Em’ Release

After a long month, we have finally released the official version of “Show Em”. Please feel free to listen and comment on what you think of the tune. We are looking forward to feedback. Share with your friends and family!! Rock on |^^|

Centerstone Promo

Working on a new project.

Hello people, me and my bros are starting up a new solo project. We have some new tunes in the works, and will be posting them soon. Stay tuned!